Title: "Stomping Good"

Size: 16 x 23 with a backing frame of foam board

An original piece

Batik Paint

Hand signed and dated

Comes unframed


This simple yet elegant piece of Native American art is not only completely unique, but the colors are traditional and therefore illustrates a cultural beauty – sure to catch people’s eyes with its spirited imagery. This is a representation of a Native American grass dancer. They were important part of our culture in the past because they would prepare the campsite by stomping the grass down.

When you buy this painting you also receive an acid free mat that makes the painting come alive. If you need a color to go with your room, please contact me; I’m always happy to help!
This is a one-of-a-kind signed piece of highly distinctive art, sure to complement your room and style. Add this unique art to your cart now before someone else snaps up this enchanting treasure!

Native American Grass Dancer Batik Painting

SKU: 80009
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