"Butterfly Dancer" , Large 24 x 24 matted original Batik Painting.


The village plaza is filled with noise and motion during the Publeo's Feast day . The energetic give and take of the butterfly dance with a wordless acceptance of transformation and growth mesmerizes the audience.  The dance happens at the peak of the day, however the dance seemed to capture the vastness of the universe so the dancer is painted among the stars. Staring at the painting, waiting for her to turn and accept and flow through the motions will capture any viewer.  


Your room will be filled with the graceful beauty of changing life within the larger picture of the world.


This painting is part of the Dancer series. The collection is filled saturated traditional colors that inspire mysterious adventure. A guide through the deepest and most beautiful moments of a gathering and powwow. 


"Butterfly Dancer" is a 24 x 24 inch batik painting on a muslin cloth stretch over a foam board with black mat. 

Native American Butterfly Dancer Batik Painting


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