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VR Janis
Artist & Author

V R Janis (Ojibwe) is a Native American artist, author, and entrepreneur.  Her main focus is creative organizing, writing, and creating paintings. She is mainly known for her unique blending of culture and language with fantasy in young adult books. However, she is also recognized for her batik paintings that take a new perspective of the Native Way of Life. An original presenter bringing language revitalization and cultural appreciation to the forefront. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Conservation Biology, and a Master's in Library and Information Science. 


Contact: info@vrjanis.com 


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J Janis

J Janis (Ojibwe) is an introverted Native American artist and author.  Her main focus is fantasy art in the form of mixed media paintings and prints of her digital art. She is a college student who is working to get an Business Degree. 


Contact: artistjjanis@gmail.com

Instagram: awolf0193

Artist & Author