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Indigenous Connection
South Dakota

Our pieces bring our culture into the light of understanding. We want to show and share a positive perspective of our homeland. We use our art to express our pride in where we come from and who we are. 

Bringing Magic 
into your home

Magic is everywhere, you just have to take a minute to slow down and connect to what is happening around you. We see the magic in the clouds, the earth, the water, and the paint. We want to share that magic with everyone piece by piece. 

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Inked Scroll Creatives

Inked Scroll came into being for 3 reasons.

1) We use ink in our books filled with creative storytelling

2) We use ink when we express ourselves in our art

3) We are inked (tattooed with meaning) 

We are an Indigenous entrepreneur mother/daughter business of art and books that focus on our love of fantasy and our traditional Ojibwe / Lakota culture and language. Explore our website and seek connections on social media. Join our clan and revitalize your creativity.​

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